Hey there! I'm Aditya Yellamraju, the digital wizard of design with a passion for all things cars, airplanes, and pet fish!  With over 8 years of experience in the ever-evolving world of digital product design, I've become the ultimate driving machine of crafting pixel-perfect experiences that'll rev your engines. My career has been one big joyride, merging design, data, and marketing into a high-performance masterpiece. I'm like a BMW of design, accelerating through challenges with precision, style, and a dash of humor. Over the years, I've designed & shipped an e-commerce experience, and personalization & user feedback features for a data storytelling Natural-Language Generation (NLG) product.

"My keenest observation of Aditya was his cognitive skills, his grasp of consumer behavior, and his analytical and logical approach to creative communication. I must acknowledge that a combination of this AND dedicated responsibility towards client goals is a rare skill set to find. When I started The Flying Squirrel Coffee, I realized the importance of having someone on my team who would constantly create a better experience for shoppers on our website, someone who would ensure better conversions with reduced ad spends, and who would leverage a better UX to increase organic traffic. Today I will safely say that we did make the right choice when we chose Aditya to fill that position on our team. The results have been great, we are in a much better place than we were when we started.

– Ashish Dabreo, Founder, The Flying Squirrel Coffee

More recently, I've shipped Data Stories in Tableau, and I'm one of the lead designers working onTableau Pulse.
When I'm not obsessing over pixels, you can find me drooling over sleek automobiles or daydreaming about soaring through the skies like a majestic eagle. Oh, and did I mention my fishkeeping skills? I have tried my hands at all kinds of aquariums except a reef-tank. I plan on setting one up soon, where my aquatic buddies can enjoy luxury accommodations and constant bubble-blowing entertainment.

But don't let my love for fish and fine wheels fool you; I'm a professional through and through. I thrive on collaborative projects and delight in finding innovative solutions that not only wow users but also drive tangible results. I take my work seriously, but I also believe in adding a sprinkle of humor and quirkiness to keep things exciting. Let's join forces and create something truly exhilarating together! Vroom vroom!

My working Style:
I take a consulting approach to building and nurturing stakeholder relationships. Working with me means being transparent, having clear goals, being accountable, and measuring impact.

What I carry from my previous experience into my next role-

I look at technology and products from a business ROI perspective. I have a product thinking mindset which I highly attribute to my past career. In the journey from defining the problem space of the users to identifying the solution space of the business, I  wear multiple hats, making me the bridge between various cross-functional teams and entities. I always strive to understand the why, the who, and the what behind any design problem and by leveraging technology, data, and user-centered design, I'm obsessed with finding how to improve the lives of others.

Connect with me

Send me an email on adiyellamraju@gmail.com or connect with me on LinkedIn

"Aditya not only understands the business goals but also knows how to break them down into modules. He understands the science and art of a good UX and UI delivery. Aditya is capable of working around the challenges and delivering impactful results. He can envision an idea, bring it down into execution and ensure that the project delivery is done in a frictionless manner."

– Gnanesh S, Technology Lead, Origami Creative

Gallup Clifton Strengths Top 5

By nature, I am fascinated by ideas and can find connections between disparate phenomena.


I enjoy working with people to achieve a common goal. I value close professional relationships.


I am a conversationalist, a good presenter and find it easy to put my thoughts into words



I live in the ‘now’ and prefer to ‘go with the flow’. I love to take things as they come.


I always find a way to just get things done. My talent lets me find alternate ways to proceed with difficult situations. I can quickly spot relevant patterns and issues.

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